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1. Respect Others
No flaming, insulting, or attacking other members. No attacking another person's beliefs, orientation, hobbies, race, or customs you'll only be warned once on this. Should we find you are doing it again you will be banned. People have a right to live their lives as they choose as long as they harm no one else doing so.
If you don't like a sprite someone's made, be civil about it, don't go yelling about how much that person "sucks" at spriting. And if they insulted you first, so what? Let them get punished. 1 warning for each post.

2. Keep topics to their appropriate forums.
Keep all topics to their relevant forums. If the topic is about a new Megaman X game, don't post it in the Computers board. If you don't think that there is a board for your topic, then put it in general. Your topic will be moved as necessary, and you will receive 1 warning.

3. No spamming or double posting.
Spamming sucks. Sometimes double posting cannot be avoid due to a post length (i.e a story chapter you wish to post.) If you must post acknowledge that you have and try to avoid further double postings. However, in most cases, the edit button will work just fine.
Spam is considered any post that doesn't really contribute, such as an entire post saying "huh?". For each double post or post containing spam, you will recieve 1 warning.

4. Post Content
Posts may neither contain nor link to any of the following content:
  • Adult material (Nudity or pornography)
  • Viruses, Spyware, Malware
  • Illegal Downloads
  • Threatening, harassing, or obscene content
If you violate this rule then you will be banned then and there.

5. Keep the profanities to a minimal.
Everyone curses, true, but you don't need to do it every sentence. There is a censor in place to limit some of the more vulgar words, but if fill your posts with swears or try to evade the censor you'll receive a warning.

6. Keep smileys to a minimum.
Don't over do it with the emoticons. Happiness can be expressed just fine with one emote; you don't need 20. One warning per time.

7. Please no shameless advertisements for your site.
Should you link to your site it in your sig or your profile others will probably go. Just don't go about blurting it everywhere, and you'll be fine. This includes creating topics to advertise, which spam up the General Board. 2 warnings for each violation.

8. Only English posts are allowed.
Since the mods probably won't we able to speak whatever other language you're speaking, we can't tell whether you just insulted someone or said "have a nice day." All posts that cannot be read by the moderator will be deleted and their author will receive 1 warning.

9. Keep your sigs small.
Your signature is not an art gallery. Try to keep the total height of everything under 150 pixels, and 200 is the absolute limit. As for text, the 12 lines is the most you should have at normal font size. Your sig will be edited as necessary and you'll receive 1 warning.

The warning system
The warning system is based on a total of 6 warnings. Warnings wear off 4 weeks after the last warning.
If you reach 4 warnings, your posts will be moderated until your warning level drops.
If you reach 5 warnings, you will be unable to post until your warning level drops.
If you reach 6 warnings, you will be banned from the site permanently.