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> The Hatchery, Leetle Dragons
Posted: Jun 5 2012, 02:25 AM
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Just because I thought it would be cool to have a thread full of dragons. Some kind of fitted into more than one category so I've tried to put them where I thought they would fit best. These are the dragons I've seen about the site:


Earth (wingless, stone, earth element):
Earth Spirit (Sillva) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/121
Fidgity Gargoyle (Vicats) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/641
Hydra (Lunchbox) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/612 *Retired*
Marble Amphithere (Shadowdrake) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/565
Sleepy Rainbow Dragon (Jacj) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/1009

Air (Flying, winged, ghost):
Black Tea Dragon (Marrionetta) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/301

Blue Dragon Hatchie (jacj) *Bundle
-> Blue Dragon Hatchie user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/1016
-> Mysterious Egg user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/1014
-> Broken Egg user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/1015

Ghost Dragon (Fiona BlueFire) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/931
Ghostly Dragon (Kittyfur) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/387
Green Dragon-fly (Lady_Dragonrider) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/758
Flying Dragon (Shadowdrake) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/831
Heraldic Dragon (Vicats) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/318
Krishna Dragon (Marrionetta) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/293
Magic Dragon (metalbeak) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/346
Rathalos (Lunchbox) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/839
Restless Dragon (Vicats)user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/414 *Assumed Retired*
Smiley Dragon (Trilby) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/3

Turquoise Seaserpent (Shadowdrake) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/613

Fire element/breathing:
Dragon statue (Umbreonage) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/292
Fire Breather (Mustangs44) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/432
M-bur Dragon (Vicats) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/609
Zilla (insomnix) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/727

Blue Eastern (metalbeak) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/315
Eastern Dragon (Vicats) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/294
Jade Eastern (Shadowdrake) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/566

Mis: (Toys, characters, headshots, hybrids etc):
Blue Dragon Puppet (Sillva) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/86
Dragon Plushie (Cissy) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/216
Dragon Puppet (Sillva) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/79
Frankenstein Dragon (Mustangs44) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/551 *RETIRED*
Puff the dragon (Jacj) user posted image http://leetles.com/in/21305
Toaster Dragon (Umbreonage) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/350
Ultimate Chimera (Liar) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/958[SIZE=7][/SIZE]
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Posted: Aug 7 2013, 07:37 PM
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Don't forget this one:

Garnet Dragon (Shadowdrake) user posted image http://leetles.com/creation/634
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Posted: Oct 6 2016, 07:54 PM
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Awesome list. smile.gif
Found these mostly through the Dragon Tag. In case anything ever goes wrong with the tag, etc.

user posted image Pumpkin Dragon (Marrionetta) http://leetles.com/creation/317
user posted image Origami Dragon v2 (Lunchbox) http://leetles.com/creation/656
user posted image Spike the baby dragon (Lady_Dragonrider) http://leetles.com/creation/777
user posted image Green Dragon (Lunchbox) http://leetles.com/creation/1080
user posted image Commendation Award for 1111 Leetles (Ashywolf) http://leetles.com/creation/1118
user posted image Hirundinic Amphiptere (Ashywolf) http://leetles.com/creation/1141
user posted image Shadow Dragon (Zodiac) http://leetles.com/creation/1142
user posted image Light Dragon (Zodiac) http://leetles.com/creation/1163
user posted image Toothless (Kirjava) http://leetles.com/creation/1198
user posted image Green Pygmy Dragon (xDragonia) http://leetles.com/creation/1330
user posted image Jewel Dragon (xDragonia) http://leetles.com/creation/1348
user posted image Blue Fire Dragon (Shadowfeathers) http://leetles.com/creation/1376
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