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Mandatory Forum Introductions

posted by TJ09 on 07.10.12 09:58 PM
Due to a huge influx in spam, I've implemented a mandatory introduction system similar to Dragon Cave. In order to activate a new account, you'll have to post a topic there and get it approved. Once you're past the "New new member" stage, the Introduction forum will disappear automatically. ...
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Leetle Adoptables: Featuring Tags

posted by TJ09 on 06.04.12 09:27 PM
In the most recent Leetle Update, you can now tag your Leetles. Tags are descriptive strings that will make it easier for users to search Leetles in the future (at the moment, tag browsing and search is incomplete). They may also be used for other purposes. ...
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BNCT Relatively-Big-Update

posted by TJ09 on 02.17.12 12:24 AM
From the BNCT Development Blog ...
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Sites Back Up

posted by TJ09 on 09.01.11 09:30 PM
So, Hurricane Irene knocked out power to the server that hosts Leetles and BNCT (among other things). Power was restored earlier today and both sites are now available. ...
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BNCT RBU Bugfix Update 1

posted by TJ09 on 08.02.11 12:50 PM
From the BNCT Development Blog: ...
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